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“Trap Harmonix” is NyuKyung’s official debut album as a full time artist and the introduction to his signature sound, dubbed as “harmonic trap”. Since partnering up with Vancouver’s super producer Lomax, NyuKyung has completely revamped his style and image. NyuKyung takes a familiar sound and combines it with his own set of harmonies and fast flows to develop a truly unique sound.

“Trap Harmonix” allows the listener to get a deeper look into NyuKyung’s life and his troubled past which is evident in songs like “Sealed it” and “Away From Me” which features the heartfelt and powerful vocals by SipTee, a young up and coming prodigy out of Jackson, Mississippi. In the album, Nyukyung also shows off his fun and light hearted side on songs like “Big” and “Fade Away” which display his confidence and boastful personality. Known for his versatility, NyuKyung has never been afraid to venture into different genres which he shows in “What it Was” featuring the soulful vocals of multi-talented artist and friend, Masetti. Every song on the album was produced in house and mixed by Lomax and after countless hours spent together in the studio, “Trap Harmonix” was created.

The project also reached as high as third on the iTunes Hiphop US/Canada charts.



Nyukyung released his first project of 2021 with "Angels" which include some of their favorite unreleased tracks from 2020. Highlighting the struggle between love and the trauma from his childhood, the 4 song EP encompasses a wide range of emotions and shows a different side of Nyukyung.

New music video for "Angel" highlighting his inner struggles, Nyukyung showcases his wide range of talents to deliver a compelling visual performance.

Besides, you can also see the difference with his body transformation between this video with the other latest music videos ...



James Pak AKA Nyukyung, a story still being written.
Born in Tacoma Washington, raised by a single mother, James was no stranger to adversity. His story begins with the struggles faced by numerous young people in gentrified, lower socio-economic neighbourhoods. Through this struggle he found peace, his determination came from mirroring values he saw in his mother. This work-ethic turning into an obsession for success, but success not measured by outcome, rather measured by betterment of oneself.
"Winning is in my lineage, and it is the standard I hold my circle to" -
James Pak
Winning not in outcome, rather in effort and mindset. Holding an unwavering belief in oneself no matter the circumstance, a belief so strong it manifests into creation through sheer power of will and effort. James developed this unwavering belief when faced with bullying. Pak was ostracized in his community for pursuing his art. Being an Asian-American, his endeavours were considered satire by his peers, his music not taken seriously because of his appearance. Being labelled a pretender didn't extinguish his confidence, but rather acted as gasoline to his flame. Through the realization of the power true belief in oneself holds, the three pillars that hold the vision of Nyukyung were created.

Create, Empower, Educate.

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